SkyMav – Mobile antivirus by Skytel

SkyMav is security software that provides the use with incredible security of your handset. SkyMav gets updated automatically to detect remove malware and other harmful viruses from your device. It also offers spam control and remote management of your device. Apart from a user friendly environment, SkyMav is very easy to install and easy to operate. Our parental control feature provides you with complete control on your child device(s) as an additive security feature.

Behavior Signatures: SkyMav Magic Plugin! Provides advanced behavior signatures that make your AV smarter to detect even unknown threats!

Privacy Monitor: Detect every threat with the privacy monitoring module! No malicious activity can infringe your privacy without your consent!

Remote Data Wipe: SkyMav Mobile Security allows you to securely and remotely wipe your personal  data in event your device is lost or stolen!

Whitelisting: With enhanced whitelisting feature, all your enterprise applications are safely approved without a hassle!

SMS & Call Blocking:
Automatically block unwanted calls and SMS using the SkyMav SMS & Call blocking feature!

Real time Scan:
SkyMav Magic Plugin! Provides real time automatic protection to your data by scanning real time!

  • Provides you with unlimited storage of your valuable information such as
  • Contacts backup
  • SMS backup
  • Applications
Spam Block: Now you can block each & every disturbing calls/SMS, block keywords & block events with our spam filer. Filter your calls/SMS by making a blacklist to avoid receiving unwanted Calls/SMS's

Phone Usage
: Backup all your Call logs and SMS logs history with unlimited backup and keep a record of each any every call and SMS you receive.

Data Monitoring: Save your money by monitoring your data usage with data usage monitoring.

: Stay protected with powerful antitheft features like device lock, and wipe data remotely through our web portal.
Lock your device remotely by setting a password through web portal.
Wipe your data completely through our web portal to avoid misuse of your data.

Alarm: Make your device shout even on silent mode remotely through our web portal.

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